TCL P series Review – Latest Review of TCL P607 4K TV for 2019

TCL P607, C807 First Reviewed in June 2017, Updated January 2019
TCL is one the fastest growing TV manufacturers in USA positioning itself for budget oriented TVs with fully loaded features, smart interface and great picture quality for its price. TCL’s latest P series and C series models have all the latest Roku smart features, HDR picture quality, increased contrast and colour depth giving a tough competition to Vizio and budget Samsung and Sony models.

TCL has also provided Dolby Vision, HDR 10 support in this model.It’s a very new model so everything has yet to be reviewed but based on whatever information we have available lets look at our review of TCL P607. One can pre-order the TCL P607, reviewed here from 26th May 2017. No easily available on Amazon.com etc.

What’s New in the TCL P series models (TCL P607)

1. Probably the best Budget 4K picture Quality: Better brightness than its earlier models, an incredible 72 Local Dimming Zone and support for generic HDR and Dolby Vision. TCL older models were slightly lagging behind Vizio in picture quality but with these new models, TCL appears to have held it’s own against the Vizio M Series / P series and is lower in prices.

2. Most updated Roku TV: The TCL P607 uses the latest version of Roku OS that has the smartest apps and fully featured , streaming line up of more than 5000 channels and movies, Amazon videos , Netflix, HBO GO and HULU . The new remote has Headphones with connectivity for private listening + Voice Search + Remote Finder button on the TV. In this TCL P607 review , i would definitely rate the updated ROKU to be a very strong positive point in it’s favour.

3. A Great Price: Amazingly with all these features, one can avail this 4K TV under $750 for the 55″ inch. Both the series have the smart interface and can connect all the devices like gaming , cable box etc on the same spot which makes it effortless for one to set the icons according to their preference. And yes, both the series have TV Tuners.

Also TCL has other fascinating features like NBP Photon technology, Up-scaling engine: which can upscale HD and SD visuals very efficiently, Dual band Wifi, an Ethernet port , 3*HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, one with HDMI ARC, 1*USB 2.0, an antenna input, optical audio output and headphone jack. TCL P607 sports an average brightness which coupled with its other features, great picture quality and contrast makes it an unbelievable option for its price. It is only available in the the 55″ size though.

Some updated Specifications and numbers of TCL P607 55″
– Overall HDR peak brightness for normal content: 478 nits
– Peak 2% display area display HDR brightness: 321 nits
– 93.7% of the DCI-P3 wide color gamut spectrum
-Full HDR with HDR10 and Dolby Vision
– Input lags of around 15 ms – extremely low
– Sound 2 Ch X 8 W
– A Very Impressive 7200:1 contrast with Local Dimming

Review of Features of the TCL P607 (May 2017 Release)

FeaturesP- series by TCL (Picture performance)
DISPLAYFull array of 72 local dimming zones , bright images and black levels.
HDR CONTENTseries includes support for Dolby Vision
RESOLUTIONWide color gamut with "advanced LED phosphors" for more realistic color, and of course 4Kresolution.
STYLESleeker , stylish and thinner than its older models
COLOUR PERFORMANCEWide Color performance with TCL’s NBP Photon technology that delivers a vibrant and rich color palette.
SMART REMOTEThe premium P607 series features the super simple Roku TV remote and enhances it with headphones for private listening, voice search, and a remote finder button on the TV.
VIEWING ANGLEThe picture seems may deteriorate a little when watching from wide angles but this loss will be very less as compared to other budget models. This is due to the 72 local dimming zones.
BRIGHTNESSThe TCL website has not come out with peak brightness and other indicators as of now. However it is likely that the brightness should be higher or equal to 600 nits considering the improvements this model has. With a peak brightness of 500-600 + and the 72 local dimming zones, contrast and picture quality is likely to be better than most if not all budget models.

Update: According to Amazon Q an A section – the TV has a Peak brightness of 620 nits so that does seem to be great.
REFRESH RATESAccording to the latest information available (TCL official tweet) it’s a 60 HZ native refresh rate, and an effective 120 Hz rate (which most manufacturers having 60 Hz refresh claim). This is kind of lower than expected and a 120 Hz rate would have ensured it to be a must buy TV.

Release schedule of TCL P607

TCL Roku P-Series, it will come in three sizes with the following prices and varied release dates:
50-inch 50P607: Late 2017 – this has been discontinued.
55-inch 55P607: Less than $750 – Released in June 2017
65-inch 65P607: Less than $1000 – Late 2017 -this has been discontinued.
Note that you can Order the TCL P-Series 55 inch at Amazon. You can also check the details by going to the product page here:

The C-Series will be released in the following models, prices and on these dates:
55-inch 55C807: Under $750 – Late July 2017
65-inch 65C807: Under $1200 – Late June 2017
75-inch 75C807: $2000 plus range – Recently released

See the TCL P-Series 4K TV in action:

What is the difference between TCL P series and C series ?

While both models are yet to hit the markets, what we can gather from the latest reviews and demos is as follows:

TCL P SeriesTCL C Series
Focus on picture performanceSuperior Styling and Finish – thinner, metal frame, speaker bar at bottom
Contains Local dimming with 72 dimming zones (higher than even the 2017 M series Vizio’s)No Local Dimming as it is edge lit
Sizes from 50 to 65 inchSize up to 75 inch (55” ,65”, 75”)
Prices start around $550 (Pre-order Pricing)Slightly expensive than P series for the 55 inch at around $700
Normal SpeakersHigh end speaker bar

Rest of the quality aspects appear to be same for both. P series may perform that C series on edge viewing, contrasts and colour range due to it having FALD with 72 zones.

Questions asked by Customer’s about TCL P Series

This will be constantly updated as more answers emerge:

Does the TCL P607, support HDR 10 devices?

Answer: Yes! Being a subset of Dolby Vision, This set also supports Generic HDR10.

Do the apps on ROKU support Dolby Vision streaming?

Answer: Right now Netflix, Vudu and Amazon Support Dolby Vision. YouTube also supports HDR. Additionally, Blu ray ultra will support it.
One cool feature is TCL’s “4K Spotlight” channel. In this, you can view what movies, shows, and clips are available in 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision from a number of streaming partners, all in one place!

What’s the native refresh rate in TCL P607?

Answer: The native refresh rate has been confirmed as 60Hz and TCL claims it comes to an effective refresh rate of 120Hz which should be good enough for Gamers.

Can we pause / rewind Live TV in the TCL P607 model ?

Answer: Yes, this does have the latest Roku update which allows you to pause/Rewind Live TV (you’d need your own 16gb USB drive).

Does the TCL P series have 10 Bit Colour?

Answer: Yes according to AVS forum review and also TCL website, it does have 10 bit processing.

What does the TCL P607 have for Gamers ?

Answer: The TCL P607 does have a Game mode which bypasses some of the processing and is pretty good in terms of handling blur and lag. According to an AVS forum review, on turning on Game mode, the values for lag were 10.3 ms to 14.5 ms with 1080p. (Update: June 10 2017) An input lag of around 15ms been further confirmed in other reviews. So Gamers can rest assured it’s one Kick-Ass 4K TV.

IS this having WCG ?

Answer: No, according to the details with us , I do not think it is fully Wide Colour Gamut compliant.

What’s the contrast like in this set ?

As per one of the site which has reviewed it, it’s really good especially for the dark scenes. With 72 dimming zones it provides a contrast of 7800:1 which exceeds many mid range models of Samsung , Sony and all the budget models.

PS: We had covered the TCL P series a little earlier predicting and pre-viewing the features which are just becoming public. That also had it’s comparison with other 4k TV under $1000 but this serves as the formal review from our side. We will keep updating as details and user responses keep coming in.

Review of TCL P607 updated for 2018:


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