Review of the new Kindle Oasis E-reader – released April 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls; Today we are pleased to present, one of the newest entrant in the Amazon Product stable. Amazon has been constantly innovating with its product range and they seem to be getting better and better. We have already done a review of the Amazon Fire TV and Fire Stick, review of the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet. We are please to present today: The Review of the Kindle Oasis Reader, whose newer configuration was released last year and which is just now bringing out some new colours.

Let’s take a close look at the all new Kindle Oasis E-reader – Champagne Gold, 7″ High-Resolution Display (300 ppi), Waterproof, Built-In Audible, 32 GB, Wi-Fi – with Special Offers.

Release Date:

The Oasis has been available way back since 2016. A newer version was launched in late 2017 . And Pre-orders are already On for the New Colour option (for April 30, 2018). You can check it out here.

Where to buy ?

Where else would you buy an Amazon Kindle, but at the Amazon Store. Check the prices on Amazon below for the best deals.
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Kindle Oasis , never be without a book

Specifications of the all New Kindle Oasis Reader 7″

The Specs in short
– Available in Champagne Gold or Graphite.
– High resolution display — 7” and 300 ppi, reads like real paper without glare, even in bright sunlight.
– First waterproof (IPX8) Kindle . Read it while camping or fishing, especially if they aren’t biting.
– Now with Audible, listen to the world’s largest library of audio-books. Pair with Bluetooth to take the story with you anytime, anywhere.
– Get the feel of page turning. Adaptive front lighting. Thin and ergonomic design
– Last weeks with a single charge.
– 8GB, 32 GB versions.
– And ofcourse, instant access to all the bestsellers on Wifi, millions of title with great benefits on Amazon Prime

Comparison of the All new Kindle Oasis Reader 7″ and other Kindle models such as Kindle Paper White, Kindle Voyager etc.

Kindle VersionKindleKindle PaperwhiteKindle VoyageAll-New Kindle Oasis
PriceFrom: $79.99From: $119.99From: $199.99From: $249.99
Screen Size6" glare-free6" glare-free6" glare-free7" glare-free
WaterproofNoNoNoYes - IPX8 (2 meters, 60 minutes in fresh water)
Storage4 GB4 GB4 GB8 GB or 32 GB
Built-in LightNoYes - 4 LEDsYes - 6 LEDs + adaptive light sensorYes - 12 LEDs + adaptive light sensor
Page TurnsTouchscreenTouchscreenTouchscreen + page pressTouchscreen + page turn buttons
Resolution167 ppi300 ppi300 ppi300 ppi
ColorsBlack, WhiteBlack, WhiteBlackChampagne Gold, Graphite Aluminum back
Battery LifeWeeksWeeksWeeksWeeks
ConnectivityWi-FiWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free Cellular ConnectivityWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free Cellular ConnectivityWi-Fi or Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity
Weight5.7 oz (161 g)Wi-Fi: 7.2 oz (205 g) Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity: 7.6 oz (217 g)Wi-Fi: 6.3 oz (180 g) Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity: 6.6 oz (188 g)Wi-Fi: 6.8 oz (194 g); Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity: 6.8 oz (194 g)
Dimensions6.3" x 4.5" x 0.36" (160 x 115 x 9.1 mm)6.7" x 4.6" x 0.36" (169 x 117 x 9.1 mm)6.4" x 4.5" x 0.30" (162 x 115 x 7.6 mm)6.3" x 5.6" x 0.13-0.33" (159 mm x 141 mm x 3.4-8.3 mm)
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Kindle Oasis Reader 7″ vs. Kindle
– The Kindle classic is the starting device from Amazon for the Kindle product line. The Kindle classic does have Audible. It has no LED lighting , lower storage at 4 G, no free cellular connectivity, and no waterproofing. Thicker in size.

Kindle Oasis Reader 7″ vs. Kindle Paperwhite
– Kindle Oasis is 7″ glare free vs. Kindle Paperwhite which is 6″ glare free.
– IPX8 (2 meters, 60 minutes in fresh water) vs. Paperwhite which isn’t waterproof.
– Higher storage in Oasis Reader with 8 GB to 32 GB vs. 4 GB here
– Better Lighting with 12 LED’s vs. only 4 LED’s in Paperwhite. A better display with the Oasis.
– Has Audible which Paperwhite doesn’t
– Page turn buttons which Paperwhite doesn’t have
– Overall better style, thinner and different colours available.

Kindle Oasis Reader 7″ vs. Kindle Voyager
– Kindle Oasis is 7″ glare free vs. Kindle Voyager which is 6″ glare free.
– IPX8 (2 meters, 60 minutes in fresh water) vs. Kindle Voyager which isn’t waterproof.
– Higher storage in Oasis Reader with 8 GB to 32 GB
– Better Lighting with 12 LED’s
– Audible (Audio books) access in the Oasis vs. no such access with Voyager.

Kindle  Oasis Features snippet

Features of the all new 2018 Kindle Oasis Reader in Detail, including Software features

Apart from being the first Kindle with Waterproofing, or including Audible support which much of the range does not have, and providing premium light, thin look with 7″ size, there are many exciting features which the Kindle Oasis reader supports. Some of these you’ve already come to expect if you are a Kindle user and some are new. Let’s have a look at some of these.

Take the story with you: New: Now you can listen to the world’s largest library of audio-books on your Kindle—anytime, anywhere, while travelling, cooking, or when you just want to rest your eyes. Pair with Bluetooth headphones or speakers to move seamlessly from reading to listening.

Flip through books while saving your place: Page Flip makes it easy to find pictures, charts, maps and even your notes and highlights from different parts of a book. When you swipe to other pages or zoom out to see page thumbnails, Page Flip automatically saves the page you’re reading, pinning it to the side of your screen so you’ll never lose the point you were at.

Sharp, dark Text: See text that reads like a printed page. Amazon fonts, such as Bookerly, have been hand-tuned at the pixel level for maximum readability.

Export and share notes: It’s now easy to export notes and highlights from a book to your e-mail, so you can always have them on-hand for reference. Welcome to more productivity

Share your library: With Family Library, you and your family can access and easily share not only your own Kindle books, but also books from the linked Amazon account of a spouse or partner.

X-Ray feature that lets you explore the “Bones of the Book”: See all the passages across a book that mention relevant ideas, fictional characters, historical figures, places, or topics of interest. The X-Ray timeline view lets you easily flip through notable passages to remind yourself of what’s happened in the book, or navigate easily through images.

Amazing Colour range: Comes in two premium colours: Champagne Gold and Graphite Aluminum back

Perfect lighting: With an adaptive front light, the Kindle Oasis automatically adjusts the brightness of the display based on your surroundings—whether you’re in a dimly lit room or outside in the sun. And this can be fine-tuned even further based on personal preferences.

Exciting Reading Options, exciting offers: The great thing about Kindle is the kind of ecosystem it has built around itself. Any great device without a proper eco-system will not work. And Amazon has slowly and gradually added innovations and made investments to build that. This includes
– Unlimited reading on any device with Prime: You’ll get unlimited reading for books, comics, periodicals on any device with prime membership and even get to keep your place when you switch devices (such as to Tablet, Phone etc.)
– Kindle Unlimited: A Kindle unlimited membership of $9.99 monthly allows you access to 1 million titles and many audiobooks. Note that not all titles are eligible for Kindle unlimited.
– Exclusive Kindle titles: Some titles including from cult authors such as Kurt Vonnegut, Ian Fleming, Oliver Pötzsch. You won’t be able to find these anywhere else.
– Free books in the public domain: Pride and Prejudice, Tale of two Cities and many more. You can find them all here.
– Free book samples: To help you choose.
– Goodreads integration to inform of the newest bestsellers or checking what your friends are reading.
– Focus on the children segment: Kindle has brought in many innovations for its young readers to make them loyal customers for the long term. This includes: Text popup support in Children Books and Comics, Parental Control, Vocabulary builder tool, Kindle Free Time Unlimited for as low as $2.99, Achievement badges for learning and reading milestones.

What Customers are asking about the all new 2018 Kindle Oasis Reader ?

Q. What is the Wi-Fi + Free Cellular Connectivity option in the Kindle Oasis Reader ?
A. A Kindle e-reader with Wi-Fi + free cellular connectivity is the easiest option because there is no wireless setup—you are ready to shop, purchase, and read right out of the box. Built-in free cellular connectivity uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use, but there are no monthly fees or commitments—Amazon pays for cellular connectivity. The added convenience of cellular connectivity enables you to download books anytime, anywhere, without having to find a Wi-Fi hotspot connection. Note: Some books may not be eligible for such downloads and additional charges may apply if downloading periodicals etc. abroad (out of USA).

Q. Does the Oasis support Text to Speech ?
A. “Text to Speech” is called VoiceView Screen Reader in the Oasis. It has to be enabled in the Accessibility setting and will change how you get around your Oasis as it will read EVERYTHING to you and change how you select things. But once in the book, it will read the words to you as you go along. Audible at this time does not support playback and reading at the same time

Q. Whats the battery life on the Kindle Oasis ?
A single charge lasts up to six weeks, based on a half hour of reading per day with wireless and Bluetooth off and the light setting at 10. Battery life will vary based on light settings, wireless usage. Audible audiobook streaming over Bluetooth will reduce battery life.

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