LG OLED C8 , B8, E8 vs. LG OLED C7 , B7, E7 . Which is the best LG OLED to buy in 2018?

Background: LG launched the Series 8 OLED’s such as the B8, C8, E8 which are just recently available on Amazon.com. The Scope of this post is to check out how the following OLED’s compare:

1. LG B7A vs. LG B8PUA
2. LG C7P vs. LG C8PUA
3. LG E7P vs. LG E8PUA

And to decide: which of these you should go with in terms of performance and value

We’ll be looking broadly at OLED model’s such as OLED65E8PUA, OLED65C8PUA, OLED65B8PUA or OLED55C8PUA, OLED55B8PUA and the other sizes model, although a full review will come later.
We are comparing these new LG OLED’s with the 2017 ones and trying to answer the simple question : Which are the best LG OLED to go for , right now in 2018 – the new ones, or the 2017 OLED’s such as the LG C7P , LG B7A, LG E7 ? And what improvements have been brought about in these new OLED’s as compared to the 2017 ones.

LG OLED C8 in room

Changes and New Technologies which the LG OLED Series 8 (LG OLED B8, LG OLED C8, LG OLED E8) bring with them

Feature / AspectNew / Changes in the C8 , B8, E8
DesignSlighly Thinner and sleeker . Example 2" depth for E8 vs. 2.4" depth for E7
ContrastAlpha 9 Processor to improve contrast (except B8 is using Alpha 7)
BrightnessSlight increase in brightness. But not very visible. Usage of Dynamic Tone Mapping to render brighter scenes better.
Colour & Picture QualityAlpha 9 Processor to improve sharpness and color (except B8 is using Alpha 7)
Input LagSimilar , around 21 ms input lag, almost exactly same as the series 7
Motion handlingHigh Frame Rate (HFR) capability: All of the new LG OLED sets will be able to play back high frame rate (up to 120 frames per second) video, which is smoother, particularly during motion, than standard 60fps video [ Note: lots of caveat here , especially for B8 and none can handle HFR from external devices. HFR isn't getting used much anyways]
UpscalingBetter upscaling with Alpha 9 (except B8 is using Alpha 7)
Graying , Banding etc.Alpha 9 Processor to improve noise reduction, sharpness - and also de-contouring feature for removing banding. (except B8 is using Alpha 7). Logo Luminance Adjustment added as as measure for automatically decreasing static logo brightness - to ensure no burn in happens
Smart FeaturesVoice control with Google Voice and Alexa. ThinQ AI. Magic remote and has been upgraded this year with natural language processing, making interaction more ‘conversational’. Compatible with Google Home and Amazon Echo AI speakers
AudioImprovement over last year
PricingAround $800 or more expensive than the 7 series (for 65" onward sizes)

Our findings of the comparison and new features of LG OLED Series 8 vs. E7, C7, B7 etc.

One of the more comprehensive analysis has been done by CNET here . The gist of it is that there is very little noticeable difference in performance on the multiple aspects covered above between the LG OLED C7 and OLED C8 , E7 and E8 etc.

The difference, if any is mainly in very specific scenes of particular kind, or during measurement but really for the human eye, not much of a difference.

The difference exists such as for better handling of scenes of banding , such as in atmospheric, skies etc. scenes of The Martian , slightly better handling of darker scenes such as opening dark scenes of Thor’s fight with Surtur in Thor: Ragnarok (1080p Blu-Ray). Off-Angle viewing for the C8 was also slightly better than the E7. The audio also seems to be a little better than in the last year models. Motion handling is slightly better and this can be noticed when watching sports like football matches.

But is all this worth the $700-$1000 onwards price difference in comparative models such as C8 vs. C7 or E8 vs. E7 .Probably not. Until prices drop further or other festive deals announced, or you have loads of money :), you are probably OK going for the LG’s OLED 2017 models such as the LG C7P , LG B7A , LG E7 etc. because they are all excellent in every respect.

LG A9 processor for Series 8 OLED

Changes in Sizes in the LG 8 Series OLED’s vis-a-vis last year

In the new line-up, B8 is available in 55 and 65 inch sizes, whereas C8 gets a 77 inch model (not there in C7), in addition to 55 and 65 inch sizes. E8 will be available in 55 and 65 inch sizes, and the W8 ”wallpaper” OLED in 65 and 77 inch sizes.

Q. So finally, should I buy an LG OLED C8 or can i go with LG OLED C7? And similarly, what about the E8 Vs. E7 etc.

Conclusion: As you can see from the details which are available ,there are only a few areas where really the series 8 works out to be better than the series 7 OLEDs. But the LG OLED C7, E7, B7 are so amazing by themselves, that these differences are minimal and very dependent on the kind of format, setting etc. you are watching that show, movie etc. in. Some differences are in measurement but barely noticeable while some are noticeable but particular to a specific aspect – such as better handling of banding, better brightness, motion handling etc.

To the average viewer there won’t be a very noticeable difference. Now coming to the price depending on the size and model the prices are higher by $600-700 to even around $1000 . Whereas the OLED is a high end product, you may still want to save some money and maybe spend it on that sound-bar, or Blu-Ray player or something.
So, yes you can still go with the B7, C7, E7 and save some money unless you are very particular about having the latest products, or always keeping upgraded and have the cash to spare.

Where can Check out the prices and offers on LG OLED Series 7 and Series 8 ?

You can Check out the prices and offers on these OLED TV’s here on Amazon.com directly on their product pages (Disclaimer – these are affiliate links)

LG OLED Ultra HD TV Series 7 and Series 8 Pricing

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PS: A full review of LG OLED C8 and LG OLED B8 will follow shortly.

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