Best Newest Latest is always looking out for talent in the field of blogging, digital marketing and for this we’ve constituted this Digital Marketing Scholarship page. We’ll be listing out our potential scholarship for 2017 on various pages in educational institutions and shall be able to provide a small but helpful sum of money to talented students. You will also get an opportunity to become a professional blogger and showcase your work on the top blogs.

BNL will soon have a network of blogs and the current blog is focused on carefully curated latest and best: HD TV’s, Laptops and other Hi-tech gadgets .

As an example you can see our:

a) Listing of Best 4K TV’s of 2017 on our blog

b) Listing of Best LG OLED 4K TV’s of 2017

c) Listing of Best Samsung 4k TV’s of 2017

We will soon launch a blog related to newest apps and productivity software as well. We have already launched an online store for finding Lifestyle, Fashion Jewellery & Fashion Accessories, Handbags, Clutches on Amazon India.

And before we go – a quick word for our partners who are sponsoring us on the mobile. Creative Spark Solutions is an android app development company from India that provides customised mobile app development services, design as well as Hybrid app development. You can visit their website to know more about their services.

If you’re an arts or technology student ,you can apply for the scholarship by sending us an essay on topics related to:

a)  Have HD TV’s changed the future of Home entertainment. If yes, How ?


b) Top 10 emerging electronic gadgets of 2017.


The Last Date is 30th June 2017
Please note that the HD Grants scheme for 2017 is now over. We may come up with a new scheme for 2018 and will keep you informed.

Terms of Submission
  1. Articles / Essays should be  your own original and may include your profile photo, a link to your blog or website and a short 100 word description about yourself if you wish. Pay attention to digital marketing aspects while writing the article such as structure, subheadings, title etc. and conclusion.
  2. BNL shall only provide any scholarship to valid student with proven student Id studying in the educational institutes approved at the time of  submission. Students applying should be above 16 years of age.
  3. The Essay will form just one of the basis of the award.
  4. BNL reserves the right to discontinue or modify the terms of the scholarship depending on the wishes of our sponsors and that would be listed and the same will be intimated on the website if so happens.
  5. We’re are only looking for essays with original and non spun content, more than 1000 words . Submission will be summarily rejected if content is not original.
  6. You can submit the content by email in word document / format only to . Please also provide your name, age, institution of study, area of study.
  7. Any submission assumes you are providing BNL  non exclusive right to list and post and use your content for promotion, usage without any further  fee and payment to you except crediting you – and irrespective of the result of the scholarship or any other arrangement.