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Hi, folks, we are back to bring you some of the newest developments in the world of shopping. Today we talk about a new kid on the block in the world of Fashion and Accessories who has launched on and is providing exquisite Fashion Jewellery, Handbags, Clutches, Home Decor etc. at very affordable pricing.

Craftleela Lifestyle is now available on

Check our store on

Craftleela has also launched it’s range of Handbags and Clutches on Amazon . In their Handbags and Clutches range, they have clutches like:

  • Large Designer Clutches with embossed design pattern in summer shades such as Rosy Pink, Golden Tinge etc.
  • Medium Designer Clutches with attractive metal strap and multiple pockets, in shades such as Cherry Red
  • Designer Clutches with fruity pattern and metallic border for great looks
  • Designer Clutches for summer with leafy pattern and premium feel
  • These Clutches come in size such as 9″ x 4.5″ or more and are very affordable

Where are all the Craftleela products available

Craftleela is available at Craftleela Online Shopping Store where you can purchase all these fashion products such as Women’s Wear, Handbags, Clutches, Fashion Jewellery and more.

They are also available on Instagram , Facebook and of-course Craftleela’s storefront . They will be launching on Amazon US in the next few months.

What kind of products does Craftleela provide in Fashion Jewellery ?

Craftleela has a range of great earrings, necklaces and sets in Fashion / Artificial Jewellery. It has some of the best fashion earrings available and will soon be launching complete sets, Bangles and Bracelets.

Double Chandbali Pink by Craftleela
Multicolored Chandbali by Craftleela
double flower earrings blue
Small Yellow Beaded Chandbali

Here are the direct links:

1. Buy Cherry red Fashion Clutch with Fancy metal Strap at
2. Party Pink Embossed Premium Fashion Clutch by Craftleela at
3. Buy Premium Fashion Clutch with embossing by Craftleela – Burgundy Red – at
4. Buy Mulitcolour Beaded small Oxidised Silver Chandbali at
5. Buy Multi-coloured Double Chandbali earrings on

Where to get Designer Clutches for less on ? has a great range of designer clutches available for less. These clutches are suitable for all ages from College or School going girls to women who are in senior profile or successful home-makers. Craftleela has recently launched and started with our designer clutches collection. Some of the Clutches that we have live on include:

This a class designer clutch with large metallic button on the front and leafy summer print suitable for the Summer 2018 collection. This fashion clutch is available at an attractive price of around Rs. 229/- only. At this price , this is one the least expensive clutches for it’s size of 9 inch X 4.5 inch. The Clutch comes in vibrant colours such as Pure Purple, Dark Blue and Charming Red. Great as a gifting option.
This is a classy designer clutch with a metallic strap-on lock zipper and patterned look. This is especially great for parties and get together’s or that special first date. This fashion clutch comes in vivid colours such as Cherry Red, Satin Black and Golden Tinge. It’s just the right size being not that big and not that small at 9″ X 4.5 ” with loads of inner pockets and zip lock. Appropriate for all ages. Great for Gifting as well.
Our third item is perhaps the best. With a very premium and lovely look, this designer clutch comes in Rose Pink, Party Pink, Breezy Red and Golden Tinge. These colours provide an Amazing range from soft to dark, richer tones. This comes in a slightly larger size at 11″ X 5.5″ and is therefore very suitable for parties, ceremonies and social events. With an embossed design , premium look and metallic edges , this clutch is available at sale price of Rs. 299/- only. Grab it while the offer lasts.

Craftleela will be coming out very soon with more clutches and a Handbag collection, so stay tuned and Happy Shopping.

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