Latest and Best LG OLED and Ultra HD TV range for 2017 and 2018

The  Best LG OLED – Ultra HD 4K TV models in 2017

We’ll actually be looking at both 2016 and 2017 LG TV models in our report – because 2016 models are still relevant and current. The OLED range is based on the organic light emitting diode technology much favoured by LG since 2014-15.  In 2017 LG has released the 7 range as an upgrade to it’s 2016 OLED TV range. The new models are W7, G7, E7, C7 and B7. These are upgrades over G6, E6, C6 and B6 range of 2016 which is still quite popular.

Best and Latest LG OLED and Ultra HD TVs for 2017

Screen Size Class/Display Type55" 65"/OLED55" 65"/OLED65" 77"/OLED SIGNATURE65" 77"/OLED SIGNATURE
Specialized FeaturePremium Aluminum StandPicture On Glass & Sound Bar StandPicture On Glass & Sound Bar Stand (Foldable)Picture on Glass, Ultra Thin Wallpaper with magnetic wall mounting
Cinematic Color/Perfect BlackYes/YesYes/YesYes/YesYes/Yes
Billion Rich Colors/Pixel Level DimmingYes/YesYes/YesYes/YesYes/Yes
Ultra LuminanceYesYesYesYes
HDRActive HDR with Dolby Vision + HDR10 + HLGActive HDR with Dolby Vision + HDR10 + HLGActive HDR with Dolby Vision + HDR10 + HLGActive HDR with Dolby Vision + HDR10 + HLG
Smart TV / Magic Remote IncludedwebOS 3.5 / YeswebOS 3.5 / YeswebOS 3.5 / YeswebOS 3.5 / Yes
Number of USB Ports/HDMI Ports3/4 (HDCP 2.2)3/4 (HDCP 2.2)3/4 (HDCP 2.2)3/4 (HDCP 2.2)
AudioDolby Atmos 2.2 Ch 40W (20W Woofer)Dolby Atmos 55": 2.2 Ch 40W (20W Woofer) 65": 4.2 Ch 60W (20W Woofer)Dolby Atmos 65": 4.2 Ch 60W (20W Woofer) 77": 4.2 Ch 80W (40W Woofer)Dolby Atmos 65": 4.2 Ch 60W (20W Woofer) 77": 4.2 Ch 80W (40W Woofer)
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Avg. Premium over 2016 range$400-500 over B6 (65" model)$700-800 over E6 (65" model)$500-700 over G6 (65" model)NA

The table below provides a summary of the LG’s best 4K OLED TV models of 2017, but what do these actually mean for you as a user, and does the price difference between the 2016 and 2017 models of LG OLED’s justify your upgrading them ? The 2017 models are still current as of now in March 2018, till the new OLED 8 series is released.

Which is the Best LG OLED 4K  / Ultra HD TV for 2016 – 2017 ? [Updated: May 2017 ]

Our research shows that the LG OLED B6 model, which comes both in 55 inch and 65 inch appears to be a great fit between value, quality and features in the LG range for 2016. It is less expensive than the much higher priced G6 . The blacks are pure and very deep and the refresh rate is a winner. It had been rated as the best TV in 2016 by wired, best OLED TV by rtings and many other review websites.

If we talk of the 2017 range, the C7 is a great option which improves over the B6 without losing anything. Each 2017 range OLED TV has:  Active HDR with Dolby Vision™,  Dolby Atmos®, Perfect Black, Cinematic Color,  Billion Rich Colors, Ultra Luminance, Pixel Level Dimming as per the LG website.

The LG Wallpaper W7 TV of 2017

The LG Wallpaper W7 TV – Tltra Thin, Stylish Design

At the higher end,  the signature G7 and W7 costs almost twice the C7 (considering 65″  model) so one has to see whether the differences are worth it.  The LG OLED TV W7 is called as the wallpaper TV because of it’s unique design which almost looks as a very beautiful and vivid picture on wall only 2.57 mm thick. It has a premium price for this premium experience. And it comes with a Dolby Atmos soundbar included.  The thing to note is that the flat panel in use is the same for the all the OLED TV’s of 2017 and so do not expect any visible difference in picture quality due to that. The premium pricing in model’s is for premium design, soundbar differences etc. If you can afford the luxury, do go for a premium model, the W7 being the most innovative. But even an OLED C7 will make a hell of a difference because all the models use the same flat panel and processing engines.

The G7 is also quite distinctive with a ‘frame-less design’ meaning no frame on edges and an integrated soundbar stand.

The LG E7 has a similar ‘picture on glass‘ kind of design as the G7 but a wider size range with 55″, 65″ etc. It’s sound power is slightly lesser at 40W 2.2 Dolby Atmos compared to the 60W Dolby atmos in G7.

Difference between B7 , C7 OLED TV’s launched by LG in 2017

The B7 and the C7 do not come with an integrated sound system or a picture on glass design but are still really thin, exquisite looking and with a minimal frame feel.  Both are flat screen. The B7 and C7 are also the affordable options in the LG 2017 range with the same flat panel as the top models.  In our opinion: if you aren’t absolutely particular about the design aspect and already have a sound system or can buy 1 separately, you can definitely save some money buying the LG OLED B7  / LG OLED C7 instead. The only difference between the two is a slight variation in the stand finish and look and the fact that the B7 is only available in some wholesale channels, warehouse retailers vs. wider availability for C7. We have not found any price difference in the retail price of either (except for channel specific discounts).

Should you upgrade your LG 2016 OLED TV / Buy a 2017 LG Oled TV instead of the 2016 one

This is an important question which every buyer who is considering LG, is thinking. The 2017 models cost more than  the 2016 one but are improved and newer. The question I guess is – whether the improvements justify the price increase . Let’s review and evaluate:

  1.  The LG E6 vs.  the LG E7:  E7 provides  integrated Dolby Atmos sound with soundbar, Picture on Glass effect and superior Quality looks than E6. It is brighter (although only slightly as per rtings.com website) and will have better colour handling and contrast. So the differences are definitely there. No 3d in 2017 models.
  2. The LG B6 vs. the LG B7 / C7:  Again, the picture quality, sound, brightness is going to be somewhat better and noticeable especially when viewing in a bright room or with reflection. The most important point is that it is much better for Gamers than the 2016 model.  No 3d in 2017 models.
  3. The LG G6 vs. LG G7:  The LG signature range G7 has all the general picture / processing etc. improvements as for all of the 2017 range. Both the G6 and G7 are having the ‘picture on glass’  so not much difference there in design. There is No 3D in 2017 models.
LG picture on Glass in the 2017 OLED range

LG picture on Glass in the 2017 OLED range

All LG 2017 Models are Ultra HD Premium

All LG 2017 Models are Ultra HD Premium

Experience Web OS 3.5 in 2017

Experience Web OS 3.5 in 2017 with LG

General Points of Difference of the 2017 range vs. the 2016.

Brightness and Picture Quality:According to reviews, what LG claims and what has been in seen in various shootouts etc. , LG 2017 OLED range is somewhat better in handling brightness than the 2016 range. This difference is around 25% according to LG. This improvement takes care of one of widely mentioned shortcomings of LG OLED’s of 2016. The LG 2017 4K OLED TV’s display content better in a brighter rooms and in glare. Up-scaling and overall colour vividness has also improved slightly. Colour range is slightly better now at 99% improving above the 96%-97%  earlier. The brightness is up to 1000 nits which compares with the top end conventional LED/LCD Ultra HD range by Sony, Vizio etc. Samsung is still  brighter. The anti reflection film has also been improved to enhance brightness of low light dark lit scenes (without negative impact on contrasts).

Gaming with LG OLED TV’s 2017 range: Gamers had complained of input lag problems, especially with HDR gaming in the 2016 models. In response to this, LG had to issue firmware updates which were patchy and had their own issues. But, In 2017 the input lag is significantly reduced to 21 ms in most cases and all review sites are more than satisfied with it’s appeal for serious gamers now. 24p content is without blur and judder when used with the correct settings. Many industry experts actually call this the single biggest improvement in the 2017 range.

HDR and HDR Formats: A somewhat minor difference is the difference in supporting additional formats which the 2016 range did not. The new ones are HLG and technicolor – Dolby and HDR were already there. Additionally, according to avsforum, by using a feature called as HDR Effect, the 2017 models have much better colour range and quality for SDR content.

Design Differences: The 2017 range also has  much better design, somewhat slimmer and  the ‘picture on glass’ effect in E7, G7 and W7 . Note that the LG OLED G6P also has ‘picture on glass’ so not much difference there.

So, Which LG OLED TV to buy ?
Let’s look at the price difference, which as in May 2017 – is getting smaller than probably what it was in Jan/ Feb (or maybe due to special Mother’s day discounting). The difference between E7 vs. E6 for 65″ is less than $700. The difference between C7 to B6 is around $400- $500 as listed on major e-commerce websites. The difference in prices of a G7 over G6 is also similar to above. Considering all this and the improvements above, I think this is a marginal amount to spend on getting a more updated, much better  (especially if you are a gamer) OLED TV. In-fact, if 3D is a deal-breaker for you, that’d probably be the only reason for choosing a 2016 model over the 2017. I would even consider going in for a C7 rather than E6  if you want to have the twin benefit of price and features / latest model.

This was a review of the best 4k TV’s out of the LG specific range of 2017 but if you’re are open to other brands, have a look at the comparison of  best 4k TVs / Ultra HD TVs across the top models of 2016 / 2017 on our website.


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